Social Distancing

Yes we should mention we at CrowCreek feel boats are safe and comply with social distancing for single anglers we are in a 16‘ drift boat with your guide in the rowers seat and a single angler in the front of the boat puts the distance at just over 6‘ In an open air situation we feel the guide and the angler are safe so we want to Urge people single angler per boat only and Guide and the angler check themselves for any fever the morning of your trip!

In addition the fly shop is doing business by phone call and we will have what you need out side the shop in the parking lot. Thanks everyone!

Fishing Report, River Flows, & Weather

Fishing Report:

Fall fishing has been excellent and has us on the river everyday. With this cooler weather coming in we have been seeing an increased number of October Caddis and the Blue Wing hatch has really gained momentum. We should see fishing be great all the way through November.

Top flies have been:

Dries- October Caddis, Cranefly, Mahogany and Light Cahill duns, and of course my personal favorite the BWO. I always have a BWO rod ready for when you start seeing sippers. Look for them in the afternoon of a cloudy day.

Nymphs- October Caddis pupa, BWO nymphs like perdigons and psycho mays, Stoneflies like Pat Stones and TJ Hookers.

Streamers- Olive/brown sculpin patterns on a swing and sparkle minnows have been catching some quality fish.

Dry dropper fishing has been great but we are starting to find fish on some slow, deep inside lanes as well. Don’t be afraid to throw the nymph rig through them.

Klickitat is also fishing well when it’s been in shape. Right now it is blown out but we will resume fishing it as soon as it comes back into shape, hopefully by early next week.

Call the shop or stop in if you have any questions! Don’t miss out on this fishery this time of year it is our favorite time to be out and is a beautiful time to be on the river!

Tight lines everyone!

River Flows

Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region Major Storage Reservoirs in the Yakima River Basin. Average daily streamflows indicated in cubic feet per second. Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated.




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