We are excited for you to see our new Fly Shop located at 107 West Washington Ave. just south of Hotel Roslyn.

Social Distancing

Yes we should mention we at CrowCreek feel boats are safe and comply with social distancing for single anglers we are in a 16‘ drift boat with your guide in the rowers seat and a single angler in the front of the boat puts the distance at just over 6‘ In an open air situation we feel the guide and the angler are safe so we want to Urge people single angler per boat only and Guide and the angler check themselves for any fever the morning of your trip!

In addition the fly shop is doing business by phone call and we will have what you need out side the shop in the parking lot. Thanks everyone!

Fishing Reports, River Flows, & Weather

Fish Report:
Cle Elum River - 09/16/2020

The Cle Elum from below the damm to Bbullfrog Rd. is finally down to 250 CFS and there’s some of the best wading water we have in the upper river systems we encourage fly fisherman to get out there and hike that Cle Elum River. Flies to use (Golden stones October Cadis And crane fly patterns).

Fish Report:
Yakima River - 09/17/2020

Well Fall fishing is upon us and dang has it been good. Most fly fishermen agree that this is their favorite time of year and it’s easy to see why. Our flows have dropped from about 4000 cfs to about 800 cfs, Craneflies and October Caddis are hatching, big fish are hitting the nets, and of course the cooler temperatures and leaves changing colors all add to the experience of Fall fishing.

Skating Craneflies is an exciting way to fish as the fish will do cartwheels over the fly trying to catch it before it gets away. October Caddis have made an early appearance as well. We have been seeing them in the upper river for a couple weeks now. As far as nymphs go, we have been using a BWO like a psycho mays or a olive hares ear. Streamers have been good as well with a sculpzilla or sparkle minnow being our best flies.

We have been seeing salmon coming up the river which creates a lot of biomass and is really healthy for the river. Look out for a area of cleaned ooff rocks when you are wading as that area is most likely a salmon redd.

Tight lines everyone!

River Flows

Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region Major Storage Reservoirs in the Yakima River Basin. Average daily streamflows indicated in cubic feet per second. Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated.




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