We are excited for you to see our new Fly Shop located at 107 West Washington Ave. just south of Hotel Roslyn.

Social Distancing

Yes we should mention we at CrowCreek feel boats are safe and comply with social distancing for single anglers we are in a 16‘ drift boat with your guide in the rowers seat and a single angler in the front of the boat puts the distance at just over 6‘ In an open air situation we feel the guide and the angler are safe so we want to Urge people single angler per boat only and Guide and the angler check themselves for any fever the morning of your trip!

In addition the fly shop is doing business by phone call and we will have what you need out side the shop in the parking lot. Thanks everyone!

Fishing Reports, River Flows, & Weather

Fish Report:
Cle Elum River - 10/27/2019

From below the Cle Elum Reservoir to Yakima / Cle Elum confluence the river is running about 200 CFS and the wade fishing has been great. October Caddis patterns in the morning and close to 1pm the Blue Wing Olives and Mahoganys size 16 have been very effective.

Fish Report:
Yakima River - 07/27/2020

Fishing in the Yakima has been excellent the past couple weeks. The wind has beat us up the past couple weeks, but it looks like with the warmer weather coming in we are blessed with the greatest sight to a guide on his way to work. Stationary wind turbines!!

Nymphing has been most consistent throughout the day with fish feeding on dries mostly in the early mornings and late evenings. Our top nymph flies are stoneflies such as a pat stone or TJ Hooker sizes 6-12 with a dropper such as a lightning bug and pheasant tail sizes 14-16. Dries include a PMX pattern or a Chubby Chernobyl size 8-10.

Please be careful out there folks and do some research on the stretch of water you are going to float. 3 people lost their lives on the Yakima and on Cle Elum Lake this weekend. The river right now is fast, cold, and powerful.

We are starting to see a lot of hoppers along the banks and with this weather getting warmer we are expecting them to really blow up and the fish to key in on them. Get your date in the books or stop in the shop and get advice and look at our new inventory of flies!

River Flows

Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region Major Storage Reservoirs in the Yakima River Basin. Average daily streamflows indicated in cubic feet per second. Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated.




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