Crow Creek Fly Fishing

Crow Creek is a home grown fly fishing outfitter. I have been guiding the Yakima River for over 20 years. Somewhere along the line the idea of opening a small fly shop began to take shape. I have never forgotten fishing in Yellowstone Park as a kid and going into the fly shops in West Yellowstone. I was enamored with all the inventory. To me it was better than the candy store. What was really impacting on me even then was the sense of comraderie you could feel from all the patrons. I would ask a million questions and those old boys in there never failed to answer. There was no stupid question when it came to fly fishing. So in opening the Crow Creek Fly Shop, my goal was to recreate that feeling. Come on in, meet the guides. Check it out….tell me how I did.



Guide Services: 509-260-0087
Fly Shop: 509-312-5582

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